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Multi -Award winning



All bull. No $#*!
Just natural,
spiced protein.

We're ready for a 'rut'... and Adventure.

Stag and Bull Biltong are leading the CHARGE against mediocre meat munchies.

If you want mass market meat snacks, then Stag & Bull is not for you.

We think you deserve better biltong. A local choice of meat, fab flavours and none of the nasty stuff in your biltong.

Simply put, its Natural Protein. Seasoned. Air-dried.


50.9258° N, 1.7925° W
The New Forest, Hampshire, UK.

Why Stag & Bull?

Our idea is simple and straightforward.

We believe in Adventure. 

The thrill of trying new things... take the best, natural and local ingredients... focus on quality and most of all enjoy what you do.

If you want mass market mainstream - move along, we’re not for you.

We make small batches of Award Winning biltong.

Almost a 'Bespoke Biltong Service'

Explore. Adventure. Try.

Local meat, spiced and
air-dried naturally.
— Simple.

Biltong &

Some things just work. Some people just ‘click’ together. Drinks and Biltong do just both.

We’re not going to tell you that our ‘Heifer’s Original’ Beef Biltong should only be eaten with a local hoppy craft ale. Or that our Hind’s Original' Wild Venison Biltong super-charges your Shiraz. You decide for yourself.

We love pairing our biltong flavours with local brews and yet-to-be discovered wines.

You don’t know until you ...

Explore. Adventure. Try.


Protein &

Whatever your sport or adventure you need to be prepared. Mentally and physically.

After a long run, ride or training session, as an athlete, you need the right nutrients to recover. It’s protein that helps build, repair and strengthen your muscle tissue.

Indulge and enjoy high-quality protein packed Stag & Bull biltong before, during and after exercise, to enhance your muscle repair and muscle growth.

Sure, you can get protein powders as supplements, but we challenge you to enjoy a powder shake, as much as local meat, spiced and naturally air-dried. Simple.

Our bestsellers…

Hind's Original Wild Venison Biltong - Award Winning
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'Knock Your Bullocks Off' Beef Biltong
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Heifer's Original Beef Biltong - Award Winning
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Trade Enquiries

We might be bullish and charge ahead, but we recognise that business is all about people.

We want to make the best products we can and give our customer the best biltong experience we can.

To do this, we need partners.

We want to work with like-minded suppliers and retailers who understand what it takes to start and grow a business founded on quality, provenance and excitement.

If you can help us do this, then we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a email at and we’ll arrange a time to meet and talk.